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Quality Business Consultant has business plan writer, ghost book writer, and resume writer available to small business owners and job seekers in Orlando, FL., Sanford, FL., Winter Park, FL. and Kissimmee, FL.  Our writers can assist with just about any business writing needs.  Just give us a call!

An interesting reason for an entrepreneur to hire our business plan writer is for help with competitive assessments.  For example, the Orlando area is steeped with world renown attractions.  These attractions attract millions of visitors to the area each year.  From this the tourism industry in the area is highly competitive.  Further, our business plan writer has found that tourists needs continually change as well.  As a result, tourism business owners need strategic plans to continually assess their market place and competitors to ensure their customers’ needs are met.  With the help of our business plan writer, we can not only develop the strategic plans but also document the plan in a professional business plan.

Business Plan Writer

Need a professional business plan writer?  Check out our business plan writer page for in-depth information about how our business plan writer can best help you.

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Resume Writer

Every job seeker and business plan needs a professional resume.  From this, check out our resume writer web page for information about our professional resume writer who is standing ready to help.

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Ghost Book Writer

Want to establish yourself as an industry expert?  Check out our Ghost Book Writer page for in-depth information about how our ghost book writer can best help you.  We will write your book and help you publish the book on Amazon.  All you need to do is collect the checks!

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Business Plan Writer for Orlando, FL.

Our business plan writers can help small business owners in the Orlando, Florida area and a multitude of ways.  For example, some small business owners have difficulty understanding complex economic indicators that directly impact their business.  For example, restaurant owners are almost always impacted by price changes of beef or other commodities.  However, some restaurant owners have very little understanding of economic indicators related to commodities.  With the help of our business plan writers, we can develop specific strategies to assist business owners in periodically reviewing an understanding commodity changes or other areas.  In the end, our business plan writers will always help owners by summarizing their strategies in a well-written business plan.

Resume Writer for Orlando, FL.

Resume writers need to thoroughly understand numerous industries and different size operations to ensure that their clients resumes are aligned with current needs.  An important trend in the healthcare industry is to have their employees cross trained.  Crosstraining is simply when a jobseeker has experience in more than one position in a small business.  Our resume writers may address this issue by discussing various instances where our client excelled in cross training situations.

Ghost Book Writer for Orlando, FL.

What is a ghost book writer? A ghost book writer will write a paperback and ebook in YOUR names.  We will help you publish the book on Amazon.  The name on the book is yours and YOU receive all sales proceeds.

Writing a ghost book takes about 30 days to complete.  Our ghost book writer is able to help clients write books on a wide array of topics.  A popular ghost book writing topic may be real estate.  Real estate agents continually seek out new and innovative ways to set themselves apart from other real estate professionals.  Our ghost book services can help!  Just contact our writer today!

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