Business Plan Prices, Ghost Writer Prices, and Resume Prices

Quality Business Consultant offers competitively priced business plans, ghost book writing services, resume writing services, and other business writing help.  For updated prices and options for business plans and resume, just click the related link below.

Business Plan Writer Prices

Our business plan prices and options vary based on customer, market, and industry demand.  From this, check out our business plan writer page for business plan details, options, and content included.

Business Plan Choices
Plan Price Deposit Final Payment
Basic              $400           $100                      $300
Intermediate              800            100                      700
Complex           2,000            100                   1,900
Deluxe           3,000            100                   2,900
Complete           4,000            100                   3,900

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Resume Prices

Our resume writing prices are below.  Click here for more information about our resumes, resume writing process, and sample resumes.

***We do allow 1 resume edit within 30 days of our firm emailing a rough draft.

  • 1 Page Resume Update:     $150.00
  • 2 Page Resume Update:    $200.00
  • 1 Page Resume New:           $250.00
  • 2 Page Resume New:          $350.00

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Resume Purchase

Ghost Book Writing Price: Starts at $6,000

  • 50 or more pages.
  • Page cost is about $160.00 per page.
  • Book will be published in your name.
  • References will be in APA.
  • We will help you publish on Amazon under your Name.
  • Basic Cover Design
  • Publish as ebook and paperback.
  • Up to 3 edits allowed within 30 days of receiving rough draft.

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