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Quality Business Consultant by Paul Borosky, MBA., has a professional business consultant, ghostwriter, and business plan writer ready to help with business plan writing, business consulting, financial projections for business plans, business plan consulting, and ghost book writing for small business owners in the Atlanta, GA., Columbus, GA., Augusta, GA. and other cities across the state.

A common challenge that our business plan writer helps entrepreneurs in Georgia would be how to improve a company’s performance.  Once an organization starts, inevitably, habits and processes become established and ingrained.  Unfortunately, most of these habits, based on research from our business plan writer, are not optimized to ensure efficient use of a company’s resources.  From this, evaluation and optimization of a company’s processes are needed.  To make this challenge even more difficult, oftentimes, business owners, and employees resist change.  To mitigate this issue, business owners, especially in Georgia, seek out assistance from qualified business consultants.  When our organization works with business owners for performance optimization, inevitably, the first step is always creating the business plan.  Contact our company for more information about this process.

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Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written hundreds of business plans for small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing has led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our business plan writing experiences for you!

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Business Plan Writer Helping Owners in Atlanta, GA.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in Atlanta, GA., in several ways.

We understand popular industries in Atlanta, GA. Area like Street Vendors.

In working with numerous business owners in the Atlanta area, our business plan writer has found that a popular industry in the area is street vending.  Street vendors offer numerous products like gourmet foods, drinks, and even products like tourism memorabilia.  Industry experts project this industry to grow substantially over the next several years, especially in this area.

Based on our research, experts project that revenues in this industry will reach approximately $3.3 billion.  Street vendor revenue growth over the last five years was approximately 4%.  In the next five years, our business plan writer has found that projections, on average, are about 1.3%.  Street vendor profits for competitors were projected to reach $192 million this year.  An important concern for street vendors, especially in the Atlanta area, or wage costs, which are projected to reach about $750 million.  There are numerous competitors in this industry, specifically about 66,000.

In using this information, business owners in the Atlanta area may be able to not only construct a solid industry analysis segment for the business plan but also use this information as a foundation for competitor's analysis.

Our business plan writer may help with business or marketing strategies.

The Atlanta Georgia area is renowned for having a diverse population.  Our business plan writer has found that a diverse population is a fertile ground to start and grow a small business.  As long as diversity is embraced at a strategic level.  With this said, business owners in the Atlanta area may employ specific strategies to ensure a diverse workforce.  One strategy may focus on setting diverse hiring parameters.  The hiring parameters may include a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, different age groups, and both male and female employees.  From this diverse workforce, business owners in the can improve employee teamwork for creatively solving problems as well as making up marketing strategies that will best appeal to a wide array of potential clients.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Atlanta, GA.

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

191 Peachtree Tower.  Atlanta, Georgia.  30303.

Phone: 404 – 880 – 9000.

Comments: the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce may be an excellent starting point for area businesses to collect important information about writing a high-quality business plan.  To illustrate, the Metro Atlanta website offers numerous tools for collecting data needed for a business plan.  These tools may include regional maps of the Atlanta area.  This may help owners in determining high-growth locations.  Also, the website has a list of area employers.  This is an excellent source for collecting competitors in different industries.

SCORE Mentors Atlanta.

Location:  233 Peach St.  Atlanta, Georgia.  30303.

Phone: 404 – 331 – 0121.

Comments: the Score Mentors Atlanta is an excellent location for Atlanta area entrepreneurs to visit when starting a complex business.  Not only does this Score location offer mentoring, but it also has a multitude of resources available for startup small businesses.  An important resource could be local meetings.  For example, in the near future, this location will be hosting Women’s Entrepreneurial Ambitions Sponsorship packages.  These packages are available to women entrepreneurship in the Atlanta area.  Opportunities may include advice on funding a business.  Or, there may also be opportunities to receive sponsorships from mentors or other entities.

Business Plan Writer Help for Columbus, GA.

Columbus, Georgia business owners, may benefit from our business plan writer services in various ways.

We understand popular industries in Columbus, GA. Area.

The Columbus Georgia area is replete with auto mechanics.  Because of the number of auto mechanics in the area, our business plan writer is continually assisting competitors in this area.  From this assistance, we have gathered specific industry information about auto mechanics not only across the US but also in areas like Columbus, Georgia.

The automotive mechanic industry consists of competitors providing services related to the mechanical and electrical repair of cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles.  Industry experts have found that this industry reach approximately $70 billion in the US for revenues last year.  In the last five years, annual growth was approximately 1.8%, which held true in the Columbus region as well.  In the next five years, this industry should grow at approximately a 1.0% growth rate.  The prophets for the automotive repair industry were about $6 billion.  Wages paid by industry competitors were approximately $20 billion.  There are about 270,000 different automobile mechanic companies across the US with Columbus having their fair share.  From this information, area competitors can start their industry analysis research on this topic.  For help with business plan writing, just contact us.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Columbus, GA.

The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

1206 Avenue in Columbus, Georgia.  31902.

Phone: 706 – 327 – 1566

Comments: the greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce seems to be an excellent place for business owners to gather business for business plan writing purposes.  Based on Google reviews, this organization has received 5.0 stars from seven Google reviewers.  This indicates that the information provided by the entity may be reliable.  On their website, Columbus business owners may exploit various opportunities.  For example, the website offers business owners an opportunity to stand out with their business directory segment.  In the business directory, business owners can display their company name, phone number, in other pertinent information.  This information is then disseminated to other chamber members.  An excellent marketing opportunity to say the least.

Help Starting a Columbus, GA. Small Business.

City of Columbus, Georgia: Economic development office of small business and entrepreneurial development

Location: Columbus, Georgia.

Comments: the city of Columbus has a webpage dedicated to startup entrepreneurs in the Columbus area.  On this webpage, entrepreneurs can find information about understanding Columbus is an ecosystem, find more information about startup funding like Goldman Sachs small business initiative, and even identify communities within the Columbus area that are currently being revitalized.  By collecting this information, business owners can best align the city’s external environments with the organization's internal core competencies.  In other words, the information provided on this website may help business owners identify excellent areas for which to offer their services or start their headquarters.

Business Plan Writer Help for Augusta, GA.

Assistance provided by our business plan writer spans numerous areas from business plan writing to working with Augusta, Georgia business owners on strategic planning.  Here are some other ways that our raters can assist.

Popular industries in Augusta, GA. Area.

Thanks to Augusta being a popular golf tournament destination, the hotels and motels industry in the area seems to be a popular startup business choice for Augusta entrepreneurs.  The hotel and motel industry consists of competitors offering minimal time lodging, usually from one night to a couple weeks, and are classified as hotels, motels, and resorts.  Complementary products offered by competitors in the hotel and motel industry may include restaurants, conference room rentals, and recreational activities like biking or kayaking.

Based on research from our business plan writer, the hotel and motel industry, which includes the Augustine Georgia area, will reach approximately $200 billion in revenues over the next year.  In the last five years, industry growth has reached approximately 3.5%.  In the next five years, based on solid US economic growth, the average growth should be approximately 2.5% for the industry.  Profit has exceeded $35 billion based on industry experts.  Wages for employees are substantial at approximately $50 billion.  Right now in the US, there are about 95,000 hotel and motel competitors, some of which are operating in the greater Augusta area.  With this information, small business owners in the area may be able to start a thorough competitive analysis of their industry and competitors.  For assistance with writing a business plan, just contact our professionals today.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Augusta, GA.

Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

110th St., Augusta, GA.  30901.

Phone: 706 – 821 – 1300

Comments: this Chamber of Commerce has received a 5.0 Star rating from almost 5 Google reviewers.  This indicates that business owners in the area may adequately rely upon the information provided on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.  On the website, business owners are able to find information on a multitude of important topics related to starting a business in the Augusta area as well as networking opportunities.  For example, their website advertises ribbon-cutting ceremonies for different startup businesses.  At these ribbon-cutting ceremonies, not only can business owners meet new business owners but they can also gain important perspectives related to starting an organization.

Help Starting an Augusta, GA. Small Business.

City of Augusta, Georgia: small business resources.

Location: Augusta, Georgia.

Phone: 706 – 821 – 2300.

Comments: the city of Augusta offers small business owners a wealth of information on their website.  For example, the government agency has a link to the 2010 census.  This information will allow business startups to better understand the demographic makeup of the greater Augusta area, know approximately the number of businesses started up within the last several years, and possibly find out information related to the median income in the area.  With this information, business owners can determine whether area residents can afford the products or services offered and whether they will appeal to this type of demographic.