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Quality Business Consultant by Paul Borosky, MBA., has a professional business consultant and MBA business plan writer ready to help with business plan writing, business consulting, financial projections for business plans, business plan consulting, and ghost book writing for small business owners in the Charlotte, NC., Raleigh/Durham, NC., Greensboro, NC., and other cities across the state.

A common challenge faced by entrepreneurs throughout North Carolina, especially in the Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte metropolitan areas, is addressing risk mitigation for their existing business.  For example, our business plan writer has fielded numerous calls from entrepreneurs in the area seeking assistance with creating pro forma financial models to help gauge how inflation is impacting their organization.  In these situations, our pro forma financial projection consultants will work with our clients to determine their needs based on their competitive environment, industry, and internal pressures.  Once all the data is collected, our consultant is able to create customized and customizable pro forma financial models that will allow business owners to quickly and easily adjust sales prices, variable costs, the number of customers served, and a host of other variables to determine how the perceived changes will impact their monthly as well as annual profits and revenues.  This is just one of many strategies and services our business plan writer and financial projection consultant can offer area business owners to help cope with economic change (7/22).

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Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written hundreds of business plans for small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing have led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our business plan writing experiences for you!

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Business Plan Writer Help for Charlotte, NC.

Our business plan writer can help enterprises in Charlotte, NC.., in various methods.

We understand popular industries in Charlotte, NC. Area.

To illustrate, the Charlotte, North Carolina area has a number of employment and recruiting agencies within its metropolitan boundaries.  From this, our business plan writer has conducted some research concerning data and statistics when business owners are attempting to write an employment and recruiting agency business plan.

The employment and recruiting agency industry consists of organizations helping individuals find part-time work, assisting companies and filling difficult positions, and offering temporary work to laborers.  Revenues generated in this industry last year were approximately $24 billion.  The overall US growth for employment and recruiting agencies in the last several years was about 4%.  In the next five years, industry experts project annual growth to be about .5%.  This expected growth should translate into the Charlotte market as well.  Our business plan writer's best projection for the industry is that profits were about $1.5 billion.  However, since this is a labor-intensive industry, wages should reach approximately $12 billion.  Finally, there are about 11,000 competitors in the industry.  This shows that the industry is fragmented, which allows for rapid market share growth for new competitors' entrance.

Our business plan writer may help with business or marketing strategies.

Every business that has ever been created, and this holds true for Charlotte-area businesses, has been started by using either debt or equity.  When using debt, entrepreneurs are faced with repaying the borrowed money with interest.  It’s this interest rate that some business owners have difficulty understanding.  For the most part, business owners may shock different banks to obtain the lowest interest rate.  However, there are steps that a business can take to actually reduce their interest rate for most banks.  The starting point for this practice is to understand what an interest rate really is.

Banks take a multitude of factors into consideration before offering an interest rate to an entrepreneur.  The components may include credit score, length of time in the business, business model, and industry.  For some of these aspects, like industry, there’s not much that a business owner can do.  However, for other components, our business plan writer has found that business owners have significant control over their interest rates like improving their credit score or enhancing their business model.  Now, our business plans cannot do much for a credit score.  Yet, with the help of our professional writers, business owners may be able to improve the business model to the point where it could impact their overall interest rate for debt.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

330 S. Tryon Street. Charlotte, North Carolina.  28202.

Phone: 704 – 378 – 1300

Comments: This Chamber of Commerce has received a 3.0 Star rating from over 35 different Google reviewers.  This indicates that the Chamber of Commerce’s services may not be the best resource in town.  However, Charlotte businesses can still benefit from different aspects of the entity's website.  To illustrate, the website does offer some good information about economic drivers in the Charlotte region.  To illustrate, the website has documented that there are approximately 2.5 million people in Charlotte and the surrounding communities.  Further, this locale has over 25 colleges and universities servicing residents of the area.  This shows that business owners who focus on college students as a target market may thrive in the local community.

SCORE Mentors Charlotte

Location: 6302 Fairview Rd.  Charlotte, North Carolina.  28210.

Phone: 704 – 344 – 6576.

Comments: Score Mentors of Charlotte have garnered a 5.0 Star rating on Google from three Google reviewers.  This indicates that this Score division may offer quality mentoring for area entrepreneurs.  Also, when visiting his website, business owners may find important information about the Charlotte area that could help when writing a business plan.  For example, our business plan writer has found the Charlotte entrepreneur growth report to be most helpful when writing plans.  The report was written in 2015, but a lot of the information is still relevant for today’s entrepreneurs.

Help Starting a Charlotte, NC. Small Business.

City of Charlotte Business Resource Center

Location: 600 E. 4th St. in Charlotte, NC.  28202.

Phone: 704 – 336 – 7600

Comments: the city of Charlotte's business center offers small business owners a multitude of links to utilize when starting or attempting to grow a business.  Some of the links include starting a business, licensing and permitting, growing a business, workforce, and even networking.  By exploring any or all of these links, entrepreneurs can gain information that could be used throughout the business plan writing process.  Also, business owners should continually refer back to this website to stay on top of area happenings.

Business Plan Writer Help for Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in Raleigh/Durham, NC.., in several ways.

We understand popular industries in Raleigh/Durham, NC. Area:

A popular business that may be found throughout the Raleigh – Durham North Carolina area would be coffee and snack shops.  Because of the popularity of these entities throughout the area, our business plan writer has done some in-depth research on the topic.  In starting, coffee and snack shops consist of businesses selling specialty snacks, popular beverages like coffee, sodas, juices, ice creams, donuts, and even bagels and smoothies.

When writing a coffee and snack shop business plan, it’s helpful to have industry statistics.  Based on research from our business plan writer, this industry has generated almost $51 billion in revenues in the last year.  On average, annual growth for the industry has been about 4.8%.  In the next five years, our business plan writer projects that annual growth should continue at a pace of about 4.5%.  This growth pace may be slightly higher for the Durham/Raleigh area due to its propensity for population growth.  As for profits, the coffee shop industry has enjoyed a profit margin of about $4.5 billion.  Because this industry is rather labor-intensive, wages of almost $13 billion were paid by coffee shop competitors.  Currently, there are about 58,000 coffee shop competitors throughout the US.  Over the next civil years, competitive nature should drive up this number significantly.

Our business plan writer may help with business or marketing strategies.

Some business owners in the Charlotte/Durham area have unfortunately developed the habit of becoming stagnant with their business growth.  To make this worse, business owners in the area fail to actually identify their stagnant situation.  With the help of her business plan writer, not only can we develop a professional business plan for owners.  We can also help with creating strategies related to identifying and exploiting different trends within an organization.  A trend may be defined as the general direction that a specific aspect of the business is taking.  To illustrate, if the organization is stagnant with sales, then a sales trend would be a slight fluctuation in revenues from month to month.

In contrast, a beneficial trend may be the cost of goods declining on a month-over-month basis.  For all businesses, trends exist.  Unfortunately, some business owners, they fail to recognize and exploit these opportunities.  With the help of a professional business plan writer, these trends can not only be identified but positive trends may be exploited and negative trends may be mitigated.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Durham Chamber of Commerce

Location: 300 W. Morgan St. in Durham, NC.  27701.

Phone: 919 – 328 – 8700

Comments: the Durham Chamber of Commerce has received a 3.0 Star rating from Google reviewers.  This indicates the services provided by the organization may be less than optimal.  However, the Durham chamber does offer some helpful information about the area on their website.  For example, on their homepage, the entity does offer important statistics about the Durham area which may help business owners create a solid foundation for business plans.  Information provided includes 8500 new jobs created in the last year.  Also, over $1.3 billion was invested in the area.  This indicates that business growth is substantial and may continue.  A benefit for area entrepreneurs is that funding is prevalent.  A challenge would be that new competition is continually entering the Durham area.

North Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

701 Corporate Center Dr.  Raleigh, North Carolina.  27607.

Phone: 919 – 386 – 1400

comments: the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce in Raleigh has received a 2.3-star rating from four Google reviewers.  This shows that the business may offer poor personal service.  However, their website does offer Raleigh area businesses important information that may be helpful when writing a business plan.  An example of this would be sponsoring job fairs.  For most startup businesses, job fairs are not really relevant to their startup or growth.  However, when writing a business plan, a job fair may be an important source of information.  To illustrate, our business plan writer highly recommends startup businesses go to job fairs to conduct business research.  At job fairs, startup entrepreneurs can find out how much competitors are paying their employees, job requirements for similar positions, and even the number of competitors within their market.

SCORE Mentor Raleigh:

Location: 300 Fayetteville St. in Raleigh, NC.

Phone: 919 – 869 – 4151.

Comments: The Raleigh Score Mentor program has earned a 3.4-star rating from five Google reviewers.  This indicates that services provided by score Mentor Raleigh may be less than optimal.  Fortunately, their website does offer a multitude of important pieces of information for business owners to construct a professional business plan.  An example of this would be their finding a mentor search on their website.  Just because some mentors have provided poor service to other Raleigh area businesses.  This does not mean that other mentors will provide similar poor quality.  From this, Raleigh business owners can now search through different mentors and possibly select one that is aligned with their business needs.

Help Starting a Raleigh/Durham, NC. Small Business.

City of Raleigh small business development

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina.

Comments: the city of Raleigh offers entrepreneurs important information related to starting and growing a business.  To illustrate, the city of Raleigh offers lecturers and meeting opportunities for area entrepreneurs.  Lecture opportunities may include discussions from politicians to seminars led by executives from Nike and other Fortune 500 organizations.  Raleigh entrepreneurs can benefit from this information because of the mentoring services provided through lectures.  With this information, business plan writing may become easier about innovative strategic ideas that may be intertwined throughout a business plan.