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Quality Business Consultant by Paul Borosky, MBA., has a professional business consultant and business plan writer ready to help with business plan writing, business consulting, financial projections for business plans, business plan consulting, and ghost book writing for small business owners in the Houston, TX., Austin, TX., Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. and other cities across the state.

A common challenge that our business plan writer helps entrepreneurs in South Texas would be related to economic logic.  Economic logic is the actions that a business owner takes that helps them achieve profits higher than area competitors.  To illustrate, an action to achieve economic logic may be installing processes that help the company achieve low overall material waste.  By doing this, business owners can then enjoy higher gross profit margins, which leads to higher profits overall.  With the help of her business plan writer, Texas businesses may set on the path to achieving this coveted goal by taking the first step, which is having a professionally prepared business plan completed.

Benefits of using our Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writer

Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written hundreds of business plans for small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing has led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our business plan writing experiences for you!

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Easy Business Plan Writing Process

Our business plan writing process is simple and easy to use.  We first start with an initial meeting with our business plan writer.  In this meeting, we will discuss your business and gain insight as to how your business operates, or will operate.  Next, our business plan writer then conducts industry research and writes up your business plan.  Finally, we email you the business plan rough draft and go through the editing process.  In total, the business plan writing process takes about 6 to 8 days.

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Houston, TX. Business Plan Writer Help

Industry research for Houston, TX. Area.

Our business plan writer has prepared industry research for several business owners in the Houston Texas area.  A popular request for industry research from the area would be caterers.  Because of this popular request, we have prepared industry research to use in a caterer business plan.

Competitors in the catering industry would include all event-based food service organizations.  Some of these organizations may be focused specifically on offering catering services.  Other competitors may have divisions focused on catering opportunities.  In general, a catering business needs a vehicle for which transport foods and equipment, mobile cooking equipment, and staff trained in providing high-volume food service opportunities.

The catering industry has reached revenues of approximately $11.5 billion in the last 12 months based on research from our business plan writer.  These revenues include catering businesses throughout the metropolitan Houston area.  In the last five years, the catering business has grown by approximately 4.8% annually.  In the next five years, our business plan writer predicts a growth rate of approximately 1.7%.  In the Houston area, we expect the annual growth rate to be slightly higher due to the high demand for catering services in the area.  Profits for the catering business have reached almost $100 million.  Wages for the industry are significantly higher than normal at about $4 billion.  There are about 68,000 catering businesses competing in the industry throughout the US.  An above-average amount is operating in the Houston Texas area.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Houston, TX.

Houston West Chamber of Commerce.

10375 Richmond Ave.  Houston, Texas.  77042.

Phone: 713 – 785 – 4922.

Comments: the Houston West Chamber of Commerce has a 5.0 Star rating from four Google reviewers.  This indicates that services provided by the Chamber of Commerce may be adequate for business owners in the area.  In visiting their website, Houston area business owners may obtain important pieces of information that they could use in writing a business plan.  For example, the site has a link for sponsorship opportunities.  The sponsorship opportunity may be used to build brand recognition in the community.

SCORE Mentors Houston.

Location: 8701 S. Gessner Road.  Houston, Texas.  77074.

Phone: 713 – 487 – 6565.

Comments: the Scores Mentors Houston has a 4.8-star rating from over 17 Google reviewers.  This shows that services provided by the Score outlet may be relied upon for future entrepreneurs in the Houston area.  In visiting their site, specific pieces of information may be used for writing a business plan.  For example, our business plan writer had found that business owners may find mentoring assistance from successful entrepreneurs who speak both English as well as Spanish.  This diverse mentoring opportunity could assist business owners in reaching target audiences from a multitude of different ethnic backgrounds.

Help Starting a Houston, TX. Small Business.

City of Houston Economic Development.

Location: Houston, Texas.

Phone: 832 – 393 – 0981.

Comments: the city of Houston’s economic department has a multitude of links that business owners in the area may utilize for business plan writing needs.  The most important link, in our opinion, would be information related to the tax increment reinvestment zone.  The zones are created by Houston’s City Council in hopes of attracting business owners to establish operations in the areas.  When owners choose to exploit these opportunities, they often receive various tax incentives.

Business Plan Writer Help for Austin, TX.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in Austin, TX., in several ways.

We understand popular industries in Austin, TX. Area.

Most business owners know that Texas is a great state to start a business.  There are numerous raises for this but one of the top reasons is because the state has no income tax; at least this is the understanding of our business plan writer.  Because of this, the state attracts a multitude of businesses like telemarketing and call centers.  This is especially true for the Austin Texas area.  Because of the demand for telemarketing and call centers in the US and Austin area, we have compiled the research for telemarketing and call center business plans.

The call center and telemarketing industry consist of businesses that provide sales services as well as customer service over the phone.  Lately, services have also expanded to email services and chat services as well.  Last year, the telemarketing and call center industry reached approximately $25 billion in revenues.  Over the last five years, the call center and telemarketing industry had grown by approximately 2%.  Over the next five years, our business plan writer expects this industry to grow at approximately a 2.5% annual growth rate.  In the Austin, Texas area, we expect this growth rate to be slightly higher due to the high demand for telemarketers in the favorable business environment in Texas.  Profits for the industry have exceeded $1.5 billion.  However, because of the labor-intensive nature of the call service industry, wages were approximately $14 billion.  About 30,000 businesses are operating in the industry.  A substantial number are located throughout the state of Texas and across the metropolitan Boston area.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Austin, TX.

Austin Chamber of Commerce.

535 E. 5th St. in Austin, TX.  78701.

Phone: 512 – 478 – 9383.

Comments: the Austin Chamber of Commerce has earned a 2.7-star rating from seven Google reviewers.  This indicates that the Chamber of Commerce may not offer exceptional services.  However, the organization does have important pieces of information located on their website.  For example, our business plan writer found that Houston area business owners may earn recognition through the organization's business award program.  From our understanding, the business reward program in Austin offers recognition for businesses that improve the community as a whole.  This activity may not only help in brand recognition, but it also may improve an organization’s strategic advertising.

SCORE Mentors Austin, TX.

Location: 5524 Bee Caves Rd.  Austin, Texas.  78746.

Phone: 512 – 928 – 2425.

Comments: the score mentors Austin has achieved a 4.8-star rating from over 30 Google reviewers.  This shows that the score outlet offers an above-average service for Austin entrepreneurs.  On their website, business owners in the area can sign up for newsletters.  In doing this, entrepreneurs can stay abreast of area happenings as well as receive information about new strategic opportunities throughout the Austin Texas area.  From a strategic perspective, this is an excellent strategy to summarize in a business plan and relations to scanning a company’s external environment.

Help Starting an Austin, TX. Small Business.

City of Austin Economic Development

Location: 5202 E. Ben White Blvd.  Austin, Texas.  78741.

Phone: 512 – 974 – 7819.

Comments: the City of Austin's economic development has achieved a five-star rating from one Google reviewer.  On their website, Austin entrepreneurs can find information about upcoming events, frequently asked questions, and services provided by the Austin government.  An important piece of information that a business owner may exploit would be about an upcoming event in the Austin area, which is focused on strategic pricing.  Strategic pricing is often found in the company section of the business plan.  Once a business owner completes this event, they may have better insights when attempting to write the segment.

Business Plan Writer Help for San Antonio, TX.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in San Antonio, TX., in several ways.

Important industries in San Antonio, TX. Area.

There are numerous industries throughout the San Antonio, Texas area that is critical to the city’s economy.  Based on our business plan writer’s experience, we have found that the construction industry is just one of these industries.  From this, business owners seeking to write a construction business plan may find the following construction industry statistics useful for their business plan writing purposes.

The construction industry consists of competitors building or remodeling residential or commercial buildings.  The construction industry as a whole has reached over $2 trillion in revenues in the last 12 months.  The construction industry, over the last five years, has grown at approximately a 3.3% annual rate.  Our business plan writer claims that the majority of the construction has been focused on commercial and residential buildings as compared to infrastructure spending from government agencies.  In the next five years, the construction industry should grow at about 1% a year.  In the San Antonio, Texas area, we expect the growth rate for construction to be slightly higher because of the current economic boom throughout the metropolitan San Antonio area.  Profits in the industry have reached over $130 billion.  Wages in the construction industry have exceeded $450 billion.  Because of the broad categorizing of the construction industry, our business plan writer found that there are about 3.2 million competitors in the industry.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in San Antonio, TX.

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Location: 602 E. Commerce St.  San Antonio, Texas.  78205.

Phone: 210 – 229 – 2100.

Comments: the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce has achieved a 3.6-star rating from over 10 Google reviewers.  This indicates that the Chamber of Commerce may now provide the best services for entrepreneur needs.  However, the Chamber of Commerce website does offer important links for startup entrepreneurs in the San Antonio area.  To illustrate, the San Antonio Chamber has a blog website.  Typically, blog sites on a Chamber of Commerce website allows business owners to write articles about their industry or community happenings throughout the San Antonio area.  By researching blogs, startup business owners may be able to find important community information that the owner could exploit through their business operations.  Also, our business plan writer recommends that San Antonio business owners write blogs about the organization and industry.  By doing this, not only will they present themselves as industry experts but they are also educating future customers about their products and services as well.

SCORE Mentors San Antonio:

Location: 615 E. Houston St.  San Antonio, Texas.  78205.

Phone: 210 – 403 – 5931.

Comments: the Score Mentors San Antonio has achieved a 4.9-star rating from over 15 Google reviewers.  This indicates the services provided by the Score branch are well above average.  Our business plan writer has found that there are numerous links available for business owners in the San Antonio area to exploit for startup and expansion purposes.  To illustrate, the Score branch has an online archive of various online events as well as webinars.  By reviewing the prerecorded learning opportunities, business owners can identify specific seminars that may be relevant to their business needs.  Popular seminars could be related to strategic planning, business plan writing, or fundraising.

Help Starting a San Antonio, TX. Small Business.

City of San Antonio Economic Development.

Location: 100 W. Houston St.  San Antonio, Texas.  78205.

Phone: 210 – 207 – 8080.

Comments: the city of San Antonio offers small business information related to economic development on their website.  For business plan writing purposes, our business plan writer found that some of their links like job vacancies and contract bidding links may assist in area entrepreneurs.  For job vacancies, small businesses that need to hire employees could contact the city of San Antonio for potential job postings.  Also, businesses that solicit government contracts may find the government contract link critical for their success in the San Antonio area.