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Quality Business Consultant has an MBA business plan writer and financial projection consultant ready to help entrepreneurs and other clients in Orlando, FL., Sanford, FL., and Apopka, FL. Kissimmee, FL., and other areas. 

So, what does a business plan writer do you may wonder... Well our MBA business plan writer not only helps with writing a business plan, but we also help with addressing individual challenges startup and established companies may be facing.  For example, some organizations, actually most organizations, have a mission statement for their company.  A mission statement succinctly describes an organization’s mission or reason for existence.  Most mission statements are 1 to 2 sentences.  However, our MBA business plan writer a growing trend for companies, especially small organizations, is to have a paragraph or more mission statement.  Further, crafting a well-documented mission statement is not only an art but also a science.  Fortunately, our business plan writer has significant experience in helping business owners construct and optimize mission statements.  This is just one of many opportunities presented to small business owners through the use of our business plan writing services (9/21).


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Business Plan Consultant

MBA Business Plan Consultant

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Is your business plan complete but not sure how to do your financial projections?  Our financial projection professional can help with customizing financial models to help you create impressive financial projections for your business plan.


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MBA. Business Plan Writer Tip for Orlando, FL.

An important tip from our business plan writer for small business owners to consider is product differentiation.  Product differentiation is when a small business owner, especially in the Orlando Florida area, makes changes to a traditional product or service in hopes of better meeting the customers' demand.  For example, many years ago, restaurant visitors only had the option of going into the restaurant in order to carry out a meal.  Now, we have drivers and delivery services to help customers better meet this need.  In other words, restaurant entrepreneurs have differentiated their services to better accommodate customers' demands.  For help determining whether your firm can differentiate its products or services, make sure to contact our business plan writer.

Small business owners sometimes take finance courses for the purpose of better understanding their financial projections as well as financial ratios for their organization.  However, our MBA business plan writer has found that gaining basic information related to financial projections from school courses is only the beginning of utilizing the information for operations.  For example, a common ratio used in restaurants is the gross margin ratio.  The gross margin is the profits a company earns after costs of goods are deducted.  Unfortunately, though, understanding which variables would be considered the cost of goods and which ones would be viewed as fixed costs is a murky area for seasoned financial professionals, let alone novice entrepreneurs.  Because of these nuances, working with a professional MBA business plan writer not only helps with the overall structure of business plans but also with the minute details of financial projections (9/21).

Financial Projection Help.

Regardless of industry, most businesses will have similar resources available for competing in the marketplace.  For example, our financial projection professional has found that if you’re going to start a restaurant, most restaurant operators competing against you will already have similar resources like tables, kitchen utensils, stoves, walk-in coolers, and other common resources.  What may lift an organization above other competitors is its ability to identify extraordinary resources that are available specifically to your company and no others.  An example of this would be business models created to best retain employees, proprietary software created to help owners best understand customer needs, and other unique characteristics or traits that are aligned with business operations or satisfying consumers.  Unfortunately, extraordinary resources come at a cost.  This is where our financial projection professional may best assist.  When determining which extraordinary resource to exploit for business, make sure to have a business model constructed which will show costs aligned with acquiring the extraordinary resource as well as a business model showing potential profits based on its acquisition.