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Looking to start a business and need your thoughts and ideas in order?  Trying to get funding for your new business?  Want to grow your business and need to improve your business structure?  Regardless of your needs, a professionally prepared business plan by our business plan writers is an excellent starting point.  Quality Business Consultant’s business plan writer has several years’ experience in working with small business owners to develop business plans for funding or operational purposes.

What is a Business Plan Writer?

A business plan writer is a person who is hired to write a business plan for a small business owner or startup entrepreneur.  Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, MBA, is a professional writer with over 10 years’ experience in resume writing, business plan writing, teaching and designing finance courses, and a doctoral candidate.  Let Paul put his expertise to work for you!!

Business Funding

A main reason that small business owners and entrepreneurs hire a business plan writer is because they need funding for their business.  Regardless if the funding is for growth or start up, investors and lenders will almost always require a well-prepared business plan.

Business Plan Writing Prices


As businesses grow, most entrepreneurs make up policies and procedures as they go.  Inevitably, as a business progresses, some business owners find themselves continually wrapped up in their day-to-day operations and are not able to strategically plan for their future.  With the help of our business plan writer, we can design a professional business plan to assist business owners in better organizing their company.

Business Plan Writing Prices

Growth or Cost Cutting

Regardless if a small business owner is seeking to grow their organization or optimize their current business, having a professionally prepared business plan is the starting point.  When our business plan writers write up a business plan for clients, the main purpose is to document how the business looks at a specific point in time.  Once the business owner has the snapshot, they can then optimize their business for their strategic purposes.

Business Plan Writing Prices

Business Plan Writing Process

Our business plan writing process starts with a phone meeting with our client.  To schedule the initial meeting, we do ask for a $100 Deposit.

Step 1:  Initial Meeting:  In this meeting, our business plan writer will discuss various topics that need to be included in your business plan.  The objective of this step is for our business plan writer to gain YOUR insight of the business or perspective business.

Step 2:  Write up Business Plan Rough Draft.  This step takes about 6 to 8 days.  During this process, our business plan writer will research your industry, customize your financials, and write up the rough draft of your business plan.

Step 3: Customer review draft.  Once you receive your business plan rough draft.  Please take some time to review the draft.  Our firm does allow for up to 30 days after the rough draft is emailed by our firm request a revision.  For most plans, only one revision is allowed.

Step 4:  Set final meeting to make revisions.  In our final meeting, our business plan writer will answer any questions about the business plan and make changes needed.

Step 5:  Final step.  Our business plan writer will email you a PDF file and Word Doc. with your business plan.

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