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Quality Business Consultant has MBA business plan writers financial projection consultant, and ghostwriter ready to help entrepreneurs and other clients in Baltimore, MD., Middle River, MD., Ellicott City, MD., Glen Burnie, MD., and other areas. 

Business owners in these areas all too often face challenges that are similar to other small businesses across the US.  For example, almost all business plans have a competitor analysis completed, based on research from our business plan writer.  However, an important aspect of competitor analysis is trend identification, which is usually missed by novice writers.  Trend analysis in regards to competitor analysis is when the writer analyzes the actions of a competitor in documents and how the actions change over time.  An example of this would be documenting when businesses run ads in the type of ads.  By knowing when a competitor is going to release new advertisement material, competitors are able to take actions to mitigate the impact of the advertisement or even release their own advertising material just before a competitor—just one of the many benefits of understanding competitor trends.  Finally, competitor trends should be documented in a well-written business plan as well as a separate competitor analysis document, both of which our business plan writer is prepared to do.


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Business Plan Consultant
Business Plan Consultant

MBA Business Plan Consultant

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Is your business plan complete but not sure how to do your financial projections?  Our financial projection professional can help with customizing financial models to help you create impressive financial projections for your business plan.


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Manufacturers in the Baltimore, Maryland area, to the company, rely on suppliers for their raw materials.  Because suppliers are a critical component of a manufacturer’s operation, having a documented strategy related to suppliers is an important component of a business plan.  For example, our business plan writer has found that some manufacturers will rely on just a few competent suppliers for all the raw materials.  By embracing the strategy, business owners are able to minimize their external communications with suppliers.  However, our business plan writer has found that by putting all your eggs in one basket, small glitches in the supply chain may bring your operations to a screeching halt.  This is just one example of why having a well-documented supply chain segment of the business plan is important for some industries.

Ghostwriter Help 

Ghostwriters are a great way to show in-depth industry understanding, especially for business owners in the computer repair industry.  For example, the computer repair industry is steeped in continued technological innovations.  These innovations are often confusing for consumers.  With the help of a ghostwriter, computer repair business owners continually release blog postings or e-books related to training technologies, why the technologies are trending, and how individuals or customers are able to utilize the innovations in their daily lives, whether it be for business or enjoyment.  Just one of the many strategic moves business owners in the Baltimore area may utilize the services of a ghostwriter.