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Quality Business Consultant has a business plan writer, ghost book writer, and resume writer available to help small business owners and job seekers in Miami, FL., Tampa, FL., Jacksonville, FL., Orlando, FL.  Our writers can assist with just about any business writing needs.  Just give us a call!

A common reason for people to work with our business plan writer is to develop strategic alliances. Strategic alliances are when small business owners work with other small business owners to develop mutual referrals. For example, a restaurant owner may establish a strategic alliance with a food truck operator in the same city. Our business plan writers have found that in this situation, the food truck operator may offer free advertising on their truck for the restaurant. In return, the restaurant operator may allow the food truck operator to place a plaque or some type of advertising within the restaurant. This quid pro quo situation is just one of many examples of how our business plan writers can assist small business owners in developing strategic alliances and documenting the strategies in a professional business plan.

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Ghost Book Writer

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Business Plan Writer for Miami, FL.

Our business plan writers may assist small business owners in the Miami Florida area in a multitude of ways. To illustrate, some small business owners have difficulty crafting strategies that are aligned with their vision statement. This problem often happens when business owners create plans while performing business operations. In other words, the business owners are making up strategies as they go. A more effective practice would be to work with a small business plan writer to develop predetermined strategies for operations in advertising. By doing this, not only as a small business owner able to be prepared for future events but they are also able to document information in a professionally written business plan and make adjustments when needed.

Resume Writer for Tampa, FL.

Our resume writers may work with job seekers in the Tampa Florida area. A common challenge that some jobseekers phase is documenting their expertise in relations to corporate strategy. This is especially important for job seekers looking for executive level positions. With the help of our resume writer, a job seeker is able to thoroughly assess their day-to-day activities in relations to corporate strategy. From this reflection, a resume writer is able to identify key actions that the jobseekers should include in the resume. As a result, not only does the jobseekers have a well-written resume but they also have a broad description of their perspective executive talents.

Ghost Book Writer for Orlando, FL.

Our ghost book writer may help clients in the Orlando Florida area developers a book in relations to operating strategies. In this type of book, our ghost book writer would first work with the client to develop an outline related to operational strategies. These strategies may include management, motivation, or even hiring. Once it is complete, we would then conduct research related to the various topics. The final step is to write up the book for client. When this is done, it’s time for the client to examine this information for clarity and alignment of their objectives.

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