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Need to educate your customers about your company, service, or industry?  Want a unique core competency that your competitors will find hard to match?  Passionate about a subject or topic?  Well... then write a book about it.  Or, better yet, have our ghost book writer write the book for you!   Here is the hard true, not everybody is a born writer. However, EVERYONE has a book in them... Why live life and not share your thoughts, experiences, and lessons learned?

Small business owners, salespeople, and just about anyone looking to publish a book, but lack the writing skills needed, have been turning to ghost book writing services for help.  Quality Business Consultant's ghost book writer can assist individuals and business owners to write books, published in YOUR name, on a wide array of topics or industries.

What is a Ghost Book Writer?

A ghost book writer is a person who is hired by someone to write a book.  For our firm, we give copyright ownership to our clients after payment in full.  Further, we also help our clients publish their book that we wrote on Amazon.  In other words, we write the book and help you publish the book on Amazon in your name.

You collect the royalties and keep ALL profits from the sale of the book.

Benefits of using a Ghost Book Writer

Educate Clients

Small business owners love to share their knowledge with potential clients.  Our ghost book writers can help disseminate this information.  Not only will a published book help establish you as an expert.  But, your potential clients will be well educated in the process.

Ghost Book Writing Prices

Extra Income

After we are paid in full, our firm will transfer to you the copyright ownership of the book published. This means that all royalties will be yours!

Ghost Book Writing Prices

You Own the Copyright

In other words, we write the book, help you publish the book, and then give you copyright ownership!

Ghost Book Writing Prices

Popular topics our ghost book writer may write about:

  • General Business
  • Advertising
  • Industry topics
  • Politics
  • Life lessons
  • Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Starting a business
  • "How to"...
  • Just about any topic you can think of.

Ghost Book Writing Process

Our ghost book writing process starts with a phone meeting with our client.

Step 1:  Initial Meeting:  In this meeting, our ghost book will discuss various topics that need to be included inside the book.  Further, we will discuss which references and documents we will be used when writing the book.

Step 2:  Outline.  After our initial meeting, our ghost book writer will construct an outline of chapters to be included in book.

Step 3: Approve the outline.  After outline is approved by our client, 50% of the ghost book writing service is due.

Step 4:  Complete rough draft.  In this step, we send the rough draft to you for approval. In this step, we do ask for our client to read through the book to ensure the concepts are correct.  Once the rough draft is submitted, the final 50% payment is due.

Step 5:  Final Edit.  In this step, our ghosts book writer will do a final edit of the document.

Step 6:  Choose book cover.  Our book cover selection is limited to Amazon’s templates.

Step 7:  Publish document on Amazon.  Our ghost book writer will help our clients publish, both the paperback version and eBook version of the document on Amazon.  At this point, we transfer copyright ownership to client.

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Books Written and Published by Paul Borosky

Our Ghost Book Writer, Paul Borosky, MBA., Doctoral Candidate, has published several books, both paperback and Ebook, through Amazon.  Here are just a few of his titles...

GHOST BOOK WRITING Services Includes:

  • 25 or more pages.
  • Page cost is about $160.00 per page.
  • Book will be published in your name.
  • References will be in APA.
  • We will help you publish on Amazon under your Name.
  • Basic Cover Design.
  • Publish as ebook and paperback.
  • Up to 3 edits allowed within 30 days of receiving rough draft.

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