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A common reason for people to work with our resume writer is to show experience with strategic planning. Some job seekers believe that strategic planning is only for executives positions. However, frontline employees, as well as lower level management, conduct strategic planning and a daily basis. To illustrate, a person may have worked with an executive to help align the company’s mission with a specific department. These types of practices often go unmentioned in resumes. With our resume writer, we can help identify specific strategic actions to include in a resume in hopes of landing a higher level position in the near future.

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Performance evaluation is often not even on a startup owners to do list. This is because small business owners are often the only employee in the business. However, our business plan writers have found that when small business owners do not start conducting performance evaluations early and often, the concept is often lost to day-to-day operations. A better practice is for small business owners to develop employee performance before their operations even begin. By working with a professional business plan writer to conduct this, the business owner is able to ensure that specific parameters are followed when the need for performance evaluations arrives. As always, this type of information should always be used distinctly summarized in a professionally written business plan.

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Leadership skills are usually mentioned in the last section of a resume. However, our resume writer has found that employees should support this skill with tangible information in their job description section. By doing this, not only is the jobseekers stating that they have leadership skills but they are also demonstrating how and where the leadership skills were developed and optimized.

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A popular ghost book writing topic lately has been related to employee compensation. Currently, large corporations have been setting the stage related to the need for cheaper labor. In contrast, some small businesses have been embracing higher wages for employees in order to retain and attract their best workers. Unfortunately, the disagreement between the two strategies has yet to be fully explored. From this, our ghost book writer may work with a client in the Homestead Florida area to further explore this topic and many others.

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