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Quality Business Consultant has a resume writer prepared to help job seekers in the available Orlando, FL., Sanford, FL., Apopka, FL. Kissimmee, FL. and other areas.  Our resume writer will conduct an initial meeting, do market research for your prospective job, summarize your job skills, and write up the resume.  Further, our resume writer may assist job seekers in avoiding common resume and other job seeking issues.  For example, our resume writer uses a proven structure for your resume.

Our resume writer has conducted significant research in reference to resume structures that appeal to both recruiters as well as passes through programs designed to identify keywords for job positions.  By utilizing the structure, job seekers may receive more interviews and have a higher likelihood of landing a job.  Of course, we do not guarantee this.  However, the structure has worked for our resume writer as well as other job seekers.

Benefits of using our Resume Writer

Resume Writer

Our resume writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written numerous resumes for job seekers and small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing has led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our resume writing experiences for you!

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Easy Resume Writing Process

Our resume writing process is simple and easy to use.  We first start with an initial meeting with our resume writer.  In this meeting, we will discuss your experiences and gain insight as your dream job.  Next, our resume writer then conducts job position research and writes up your resume.  Finally, we email you the resume rough draft and go through the editing process.  In total, the resume writing process takes about 1 to 3 days.

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Need writing done?  Our business writer help with more than just business plans, ghost writing, and resumes.  If you have a writing need, contact us today!

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Resume Writer Tip for Orlando, FL.

Our resume writer recommends that if a job seeker is looking for a sales position, make sure to provide specific details.  For example, if a job seeker has held other job positions, make sure to discuss sales revenues as well as growth.  Further, if the job seeker heads received any awards or accolades, make sure to include this in your resume as well.  The important concept that our resume writer feels should be conveyed to readers is that the job seeker has experience in sales and has recognition to prove it.

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