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Looking for your dream job but your resume is not up to snuff?  Seeking to advance in your company and want your resume polished?  Regardless of your resume needs, Quality Business Consultant's professional resume writer is ready to help you create a succinct resume.  Our resume structure is focused on helping you get interviews utilizing proven resume structures and succinct summaries.  Contact our resume writer today!

"We can have your resume ready, usually, within 24 hours!!"***

What is a Resume Writer?

A resume writer is a person who is hired to write a resume for a job seeker or business owner.  Our resume writer, Paul Borosky, MBA, is a professional writer with over 10 years’ experience in resume writing, business plan writing, tutoring college students in writing strategies, and editing.

Benefits of using our Resume Writer

Professional Presentation

Our resumes do not include colorful pictures or innovative headings. There are several reasons for this.  The main reason is that employers often spent approximately 6 seconds looking over resume to determine whether they are interested or not.  From this, a simple, yet professional, presentation has not proven to be most effective.

Resume Writing Prices

24 Hour Turnaround Time

For the most part, if we receive your old resume, "dream" job description, AND payment, we can have your resume done within 24 hrs. (Except for Fridays and some Saturdays).

Resume Writing Prices

Proven Resume Structure

More and more employers are relying upon software programs to weed out resumes that are not aligned with the company’s needs.  From this, having a proven resume structure has been shown to be effective and bypassing resume readers.

Resume Writing Prices

Resume Writing Process

Our resume writing process starts with a phone meeting with our client.

Step 1:  Select and Pay for Your Desired Resume (payment option is below):  The first step in the resume writing process is to select a resume and purchase your desired resume.

Step 2: Email your current resume (, a sample job description of your "dream job", and any information you would like to add to your resume, such as new job information, degree completion, etc.

Step 3:  Resume Rough Draft.  After we receive your email AND payment, our resume writer will write up a rough draft of your resume.  This usually takes about 24 hours.

Step 4: Approve the resume rough draft.  In this step, we send the rough draft of the resume to you for approval. In this step, we do ask for our client to read through the resume to ensure the information are correct.

Step 5:  Final Edit.  In this step, our resume writer will do a final edit of the document.

Step 6:  Resume complete.  In the final step, we will email you a PDF and Word document copy of your final resume.

***We do allow 1 resume edit within 30 days of our firm emailing a rough draft.

***We DO NOT write resumes for Government Jobs.

Resume Writing Sample:  1 Page Resume

Our resume writers have found that the below structure is widely accepted by most business due to its professional format, easy to read, and succinct summary of your abilities.

Resume Sample

***We DO NOT write resumes for Government Jobs!!!

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