Business Perspective: Saint Croix US Virgin Islands

Business Perspective: Saint Croix, US. Virgin Islands

In this business perspective insight, we visited Saint Croix in late July 2022, which is part of the US Virgin Islands.  Saint Croix is a popular cruise destination for Royal Caribbean and other major cruise lines for so many reasons.  Not only is the port conveniently located to beaches and shopping, but the island abounds with wildlife and breathtaking views.  With this said, lets take a look at our visit from a business perspective...

Business Perspective: Saint Croix
Business Perspective: Saint Croix by Paul Borosky, MBA.

Shopping at Saint Croix

When visiting St. Croix, if shopping is on tap, then you will not be disappointed.  Leaving the cruise port, visitors are able to browse goods from local vendors at pop-up shops to the left.  If perusing through air-conditioned, brick-and-mortar retail shops is more your style, then take a stroll down Strand St., which veers to the right.  Regardless of your shopping preference, pleasurable experiences are to be had regardless of your direction.

Business Perspective:

From a business perspective, a surprisingly large number of the local, established retail locations sold swimming facemasks, snorkels, and swimming fins.  Our wife and I cannot figure out for the life of us why prime retail locations catering to cruise ship passengers would dedicate such a large area of their space to snorkeling gear.  It wasn’t until after we left the shops and crossed the street to walk by the ocean.  Once we reached the ocean shore, we noticed there were several people snorkeling in the area right from the concrete steps leading then to the water. 

With this said, kudos to the local shops for providing visitors with opportunities to enjoy snorkeling opportunities.  However, failing to educate customers about the convenience of snorkeling right across the street are missed opportunity, to say the least.

Shopping Opportunities on Strand St.
Popup Shop Vendors in St. Croix


St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, offers numerous amenities and activities for cruise ship passengers visiting the island.  Amenities most visitors enjoy are its various beaches, historical sites, and wild life viewing.  There are also innumerable business insights to be appreciated as well!

Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author. and Tishauna Borosky

Owner of: Quality Business Plan and Quality Business Consultant.

Date: 7/2022