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Quality Business Consultant has a business consultant, business plan writer, ghost book writer, or resume writer available to small business owners and job seekers across the US and around the world.  Our business plan writer helps small business owners develop professional business plans for raising funds from investors or banks.  As for our resume writing service, our resume writer help job seekers develop professional documents that highlight their experiences, skills, and education in a well-formatted document.  Finally, our firm has a professional ghost book writer ready to writer a book for your customers or just for publication in our name.  Regardless, of your ghost book, business plan or resume needs, our writer is ready to help you today!

Business Plan Writer

Need a professional business plan writer?  Check out our business plan writer page for in-depth information about how our business plan writer can best help you.

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Business Consulting

Starting a business but not sure how to do it?  Are your actual operating projections consistently higher than your budgeted projections?  Our business consulting services can help small business owners with these problems and more!

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Ghost Book Writer

Want to establish yourself as an industry expert?  Check out our Ghost Book Writer page for in-depth information about how our ghost book writer can best help you.  We will write your book and help you publish the book on Amazon.  All you need to do is collect the checks!

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Other Business Writing Services:

Need writing done?  Our business writer help with more than just business plans and resumes.  If you have a writing need, contact us today!

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Business Plan Writer Help

Our business plan writers can assist small business owners in the US tackle multiple challenges.  A common challenge faced by business owners would be resource management.  Resources management is when small business owners need to optimize their usage of equipment or property.  For example, some business owners purchase land and buildings in a particular area.  From this purchase, they almost always optimize their usage of the building.  However, our business plan writers have found that some business owners failed to optimally exploit their land usage.  For help with these types of challenges and more, our business plan writers can develop plans to strategically optimize resources.  Just give us a call.

Resume Writer Help

Quality Business Consultant’s resume writers have completed resumes in a multitude of different industries.  From these experiences, we have found that some job seekers in the US face common challenges.  A main challenge would be showing industry experience.  Some job seekers ask your resume writers to develop a resume focused on a completely separate industry as to where they have experience, professionally or education wise.  To help job seekers accomplish this task, I will resume writers may utilize hobbies or even side businesses to help establish credibility in the desired industry.  For more help with these types of situations and more, just contact one of our resume writers today.

Ghost Book Writer

What is a ghost book writer? A ghost book writer will write a paperback and ebook in YOUR names.  We will help you publish the book on Amazon.  The name on the book is yours and YOU receive all sales proceeds.

Our ghost book writer has personally published over ten paperback and ebooks on Amazon.  Let our ghost book writing experience help you establish credibility in your industry, educate your future customers, or impress your co-workers.

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