Paul Borosky, MBA.

Our Approach

Its All About Quality...

Quality Business Consultant believes that quality is critical in business.  Our business plan writer, resume writer, ghost book writer, and financial projection professional strives to ensure quality is top priority in our work.

Our Story

Paul Borosky, MBA., Doctoral Candidate, Published Author, is the owner of Quality Business Consultant and Quality Business Plan.  He has over nine years of experience as a professional business consultant, business plan writer, published author, and financial projection professional.  Paul spends his time business plan writing, writing books, financial modeling, ghost book writing, resume writing, and cruising.  Oh, so many cruises.  On a final note, in Paul's spare time, he is completing his dissertation, tutoring finance to students the world-over, and teaching finance for a local college.

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Some of the Books Published by Paul Borosky, Owner.