Purchase Business Consulting Sessions or Business Plans:

To purchase a business consulting hours:

  1. Just select the number of consulting hours you would like to purchase.
  2. If the number of business consulting hours is not available (For example: 7.5 hours):
    1. Add to cart: 6 hours
    2. Add to cart: 1 hour
    3. Add to cart: 30 mins
  3. Click here to view cart or click here to check out.
  4. Pay for sessions via Credit Card

When purchasing a business plan or business consulting time, the user agrees to the following:

  • Refund Policy:  No Refunds are available once the business plan is started.
  • Has read and understands our Business Plan Writing Process.
  • Has read and agrees to our terms and conditions.
  • Has watched our BasicIntermediateAdvancedComplex, or Deluxe/Complete business plan video to fully understand our writing style and various components that may be included in your business plans.
  • The basic business plan and the intermediate business plan comes with 1 revision within 30 days of our firm emailing the rough draft.
  • The complex business plan, deluxe business plan, complete business plan, and visa business plan comes with 2 revisions within 30 days of our firm emailing the rough draft.

Just keep in mind, our mission is to work with you to create an outstanding business plan.

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