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A common challenge that our business plan writer helps entrepreneurs in New York would be with performance evaluation.  Most business owners, especially in the New York City area, focus on how the business is operating from a managerial point of view.  However, there is a multitude of other perspectives that a business may be evaluated about operations.  These perspectives may include a customer’s perspective, competitors' perspective, and even the strategic perspective from a long-term vantage point.  With the help of our business plan writer, we can assist business owners in creating strategies based on various perspectives noted or even from other perspectives like investors.  Just make sure to contact your business plan writer for assistance.

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MBA Business Plan Writer
MBA Business Plan Writer

Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written hundreds of business plans for small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing have led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our business plan writing experiences for you!


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Business Plan Writer Help for New York City, NY.

Quality Business Consultant’s business plan writer can help businesses in New York City, NY.  An important way that weaknesses are through offering insights related to popular industries in the New York City area.

Industry Research Example for New York City, NY. Area.

There are thousands of small businesses located in and around the New York City area.  Each one of these business owners is seeking out a new way to gain market share through competitive actions.  A growing popular action the small business owners are embracing is taking courses through entities called business coaches.  Business coaches offer short business-related courses, seminars, and webinars focusing on topics such as management, professional development, financial independence, and business strategies.  The mode of training may include on-site courses as well as video presentations.

At present, the business coaching industry has reached revenues of approximately $15 billion.  In the last five years, the business coaching industry has grown by almost 5.8% annually.  In the next five years, our business plan writer expects the industry to grow at about 3.2%.  Profits for this type of industry have reached $1.2 billion.  Because of the small business structure, wages are relatively low at $4.2 billion.  At present, there are about 53,000 business coaching operations offering services, several of these entities compete in the New York City area.

Our business plan writer may help with business or marketing strategies.

Business owners in the New York City area most often focus their energies on creating advertising campaigns, ensuring customers have world-class service provided, and hiring and training employees.  However, some business owners in the area fail to step back from their business and evaluate their product portfolio.  Our business plan writer defines a product portfolio as the complete set of products and services that a business owner offers their customers.

There is a multitude of benefits that may be achieved through a product portfolio evaluation.  The most important benefit would be related to writing your business plan.  When constructing a business plan, business owners should list and describe each one of the products or services offered by the company.  By knowing a product portfolio, business owners can quickly accomplish this task.  A second benefit of analyzing a business's product portfolio is that the business owner may have an opportunity to add new products or services that may complement their current portfolio.  Regardless of why a product portfolio needs to be evaluated, businesses should do this annually and with the help of a business consultant professional.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in New York City, NY.

New York State Chamber of Commerce

Location: 32 Broadway.  New York City, New York.  10004

Phone: 718 – 585 – 9887.

Comments: This particular Chamber of Commerce in New York City has not had any Google reviews.  So the information provided by this company may or may not be reliable.  In reviewing their website, specific links may assist business owners in New York City with writing a well-polished business plan.  For example, this Chamber of Commerce has a link that will allow New York City business owners to interact with international partners.  Not only with this activity help import-export businesses in the area, but this may also be an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to find individuals offering discounted imported goods.

SCORE Mentor New York City

Location: 26 Federal Plaza.  New York City, New York.  10278.

Phone: 212 – 264 – 4507.

Comments: Score Mentors New York City has received raving reviews from over 104 Google reviewers.  This is cumulated into a 4.8-star rating for the entity.  Not only does score Mentor New York City offer excellent service but they also have well-written web pages offering important information for startup organizations in the New York City/tri-state area.  An important opportunity that the company offers is workshops.  Workshops may be in person or online.  Topics covered could include digital marketing strategy, building a consulting firm, and even a question-and-answer session for startup business owners.

Help Starting a New York City, NY. Small Business.

City of New York: New York Small Business Development Center

Location: New York City, New York.

Comments: New York City’s Small Business Development Center has numerous important pieces of information for small business owners to help with creating a well-written business plan.  To illustrate, our business plan writer first noted that the website offers important statistics related to how the entity has helped businesses over the last several years.  Some statistics include that the organization has helped over 483,000 citizens through its services.  Also, they’ve helped or provided funding in the tune of about $6.7 billion.  Because substantial assistance is provided, business owners should evaluate the products and services offered by this entity when attempting to write a business plan or even start a business in the New York area.

Business Plan Writer Help for Buffalo, NY.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in New York City, NY, in several ways.

We understand popular industries in Buffalo, NY. Area.

The Buffalo, New York area, is the home of major universities like the University of Buffalo.  Also, the area has numerous community colleges, for-profit schools, and public and private high schools.  Because of the numerous students located throughout the Buffalo metropolitan area, tutoring schools and services have grown immensely.  Because of this, our business plan writer has done significant research related to tutoring statistics in the US as well as in the Buffalo area.  From this, businesses looking to write a tutoring business plan may find the following statistics important and a foundational component for their business plan.

The tutoring industry includes professionally tutoring services, driving schools, and afterschool educational offerings.  This industry has reached $13 billion in revenue in the last year.  In the last five years, the industry has grown at about a 2.9% growth rate.  In the next five years, our business plan writer projects a growth rate of about 1.2% annually.  However, for the Buffalo area, a higher growth rate of about 1.4% should be expected.  Profits in this industry have exceeded $1 billion.  Because of the need for extensive labor, wages have outpaced profits in the tune of $5.0 billion.  The industry is significantly fragmented.  This assessment is based on about 175,000 businesses operating in the US and throughout the Buffalo metropolitan area.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Buffalo, NY.

Chamber of commerce: Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Location: 257 W. Genesee St. in Buffalo, NY.  14202.

Phone: 716 – 852 – 7100

Comments: This Chamber of Commerce in Buffalo has earned a 5.0-star rating from two Google reviewers.  Unfortunately, because of the minimal reviews offered, assessing the quality of the information provided by this Chamber of Commerce is difficult.  In reviewing the website though, there are some important pages that business owners in the Buffalo area may want to review.  To illustrate, their website offers a link to an important page about the Buffalo Niagara region statistics.  These statistics include geographic descriptions, discussions about reuse programs, and a forward vision for the Buffalo area.  Business owners may utilize this information when developing their industry or geographic location segments of a business plan.

SCORE: Score Mentors Buffalo Niagara

Location: 130 S. Elmwood Ave.  Buffalo, New York.  14202.

Phone: 716 – 551 – 4301.

Comments: The Score Mentors Buffalo Niagara has yet to receive any reviews from business owners in the area.  Fortunately, their website does offer some proven quality information for business owners looking to write a business plan in the area.  To illustrate, their website offers links to local workshops.  Some of their workshops may include self-growth discussions, finding and retaining clients, and financing a business.  All or any one of these seminars can offer important insights not only into different businesses and industries but also related to the Buffalo/Niagara community as a whole.

Business Plan Writer Help for Rochester, NY.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in New York City, NY, in several ways.

We understand popular industries in Rochester, NY. Area.

An important industry that operates in the Rochester New York area would be the trade and technical schools industry.  Because of the importance of this industry in the Rochester area, our business plan writer has constructed and gathered a multitude of information so businesses can write trade and technical school business plans.

An important starting point for a technical school business plan would be identifying the parameters that would be included in this industry.  Popular components would be specific job training schools such as welding schools, barbering schools, and even nail and eyelash schools.  Also, flight training and apprenticeship programs would be included in this classification.  As of last year, this industry has generated about $15 billion in revenues.  In the last five years, the technical school industry has grown by approximately 1% annually.  In the next five years, industry experts, as well as her business plan writer, project a 1.4% industry growth nationally.  In the Rochester, New York area, though, we expect this growth to be a little bit higher at about 1.6% annually.

The technical school industry is segmented into various subcategories.  Our business plan writer has found that the leading category, at about 50%, would include technical and trade schools.  25% of technical schools would include flight training schools.  Rounding out the rest of the schools would include cosmetology and other apprenticeships, which would equal about 25%.  With this information, entrepreneurs seeking to start an apprenticeship or technical school may use this information as a foundation for a well-prepared business plan.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Rochester, NY.

Chamber of commerce: Greater Rochester Chamber Of Commerce.

Location: 150 State St.  Rochester, New York.  14614.

Phone: 585 – 244 – 1800

Comments: The Greater Rochester Chamber Of Commerce has earned a 4.7-star rating from over 10 Google reviewers.  This indicates that business owners in the area may not only find good, quality information on their website but also other services provided by the chamber may be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to exploit.  Specifically, this Chamber of Commerce has templates available for small businesses to exploit.  Some of the templates may include benchmarking surveys, a human resource helpline, and even a forum where Rochester entrepreneurs may post questions for area experts to respond.