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Quality Business Consultant by Paul Borosky, MBA., has a professional business consultant and business plan writer ready to help with business plan writing, business consulting, financial projections for business plans, business plan consulting, and ghost book writing for small business owners in the Dallas, TX., Forth Worth, TX., El Paso, TX. and other cities across the state.

A common challenge that our business plan writer helps entrepreneurs in Texas would be developing strategies that exploit eco-friendly business actions.  For example, some business owners in Texas embrace eco-friendly activities and actions throughout their organization.  Our business plan writer has found that some firms use only eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Other companies, such as restaurants, serve only organic food offerings.  Unfortunately, though, these activities are often not conveyed adequately to the consumer.  By not having strategies in place to take advantage of eco-friendly opportunities and inform the customer of these actions, businesses are not fully taking advantage of their strategic efforts.  With the help of her business plan writer, we can work with Texas businesses to construct in-the-line business strategies to fully exploit eco-friendly operations within an organization.

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Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written hundreds of business plans for small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing have led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our business plan writing experiences for you!

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Business Plan Writer Help for Dallas, TX.

Quality Business Consultant’s business plan writer can help businesses in Dallas, TX.

We understand important industries in Dallas, TX. Area.

The Dallas Texas area is renowned for its world-class bars and nightclubs.  Because of this reputation, our business plan writer receives several requests a year for services for writing bar and nightclub business plans.  From these experiences, we have gathered important statistics related to the bar and nightclub industry.  The statistics are generally applicable across the US.  However, future entrepreneurs for bars and nightclubs in the Dallas area may benefit from this research.

The bar and nightclub industry consists of competitors like bars, taverns, lounges, nightclubs, and other entities offering alcoholic beverages in a relaxed setting.  The bar and nightclub industry has generated approximately $27 billion in the last 12 months.  In the last five years, the industry has grown revenues by approximately 3% annually.  Our business plan writer projects that this pace will slow to about 1.7% growth annually.  Profits for the bar and nightclub industry exceeded $1.5 billion last year.  However, because of the need for labor in the industry, wages reached about $7.5 billion.  There are about 68,000 bars and nightclubs throughout the US.  Dallas, Texas, based on our research, has an above-average amount of competitors as compared to other comparable cities.

In using the statistics, business writers may be able to set a sound foundation for their industry section of the business plan based on the research of the Dallas area as well as the US competitors.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Dallas, TX.

Chamber of commerce: Greater East Dallas Chamber Of Commerce.

Location: 9543 Losa Dr.  Dallas, Texas.  75218.

Phone: 214 – 328 – 4100

Comments: The Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce has yet to receive any reviews on Google.  Because of this, the benefit of their services is unknown.  However, the company does have important pieces of information related to business growth and startup on its website.  For example, the website has a scrolling list showing new members that join the chamber recently.  Business owners researching competitors in the Dallas area might find this information helpful.  This is because identifying new competitors in the area will help the business owner determine whether a product or service will be successful or not.

SCORE: Score Mentors Dallas

Location: 15301 Spectrum Dr.  Dallas, Texas.

Phone: 214 – 987 – 9491

Comments: The Score Mentors Dallas has earned a 4.3-star rating on Google from over 10 Google reviewers.  This indicates that the services offered by this score Dallas branch may be beneficial for startup companies as well as established firms seeking to expand.  Our research from our business plan writer indicates that their website also has important information for business owners.  For example, the website has a link for local resources.  Local resources include advertising and marketing strategies, buying or selling a business, and information about how Dallas business owners may be able to obtain food services or inventories.

Help Starting a Dallas, TX. Small Business.

City of Dallas Economic Development.

Location: Dallas, Texas.

Comments: the city of Dallas has a website dedicated to small business owners in the Dallas area.  On this website, business owners can find important metropolitan statistics to help identify demographics and prevalent industries throughout the area.  In reviewing the website, our business plan writer found that approximately 37% of education and health service businesses in the area are woman-owned.  Further, 20% of trade, transportation, and utility organizations in the area are minority-owned.  This information may help new business owners construct marketing strategies to appeal to these demographics, based on business needs.

Business Plan Writer Help for Fort Worth, TX.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in Fort Worth, TX., in several ways.

Quality Business Consultant knows industries in Fort Worth, TX. Area.

The Fort Worth Texas area has been growing, population-wise, and at an above-average pace as compared to other cities across the US.  This development, based on research from our business plan writer, has fueled the growth of the bed-and-breakfast and hostile accommodations industry in the Fort Worth area.  From this finding, we have researched and compiled various statistics to help business owners write bed-and-breakfast business plans.

The bed-and-breakfast and hostel industry includes competitors like bed-and-breakfast establishments, air B&B short-term rentals, and other entities offering a more personable approach to lodging as compared to hotels and motels.  Our writers have found that this industry has garnered about $3 billion in revenues in the last 12 months.  In the last five years, the bed-and-breakfast industry has grown by about 4.4% annually.  Our business plan writer predicts that this growth will slow to about 2% annually over the next five years on a national basis.  On a more regional basis, like in Fort Worth, this growth may be slightly higher.  Profits in the industry exceeded $200 million last year.  As for wages, the bed-and-breakfast industry owners paid out over $700 million.  This industry has over 9000 competitors across the US.  However, the Fort Worth area may have a slightly higher concentration due to his vacationing appeal.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in Fort Worth, TX.

Chamber of commerce: Fort Worth Chamber

Location: 1150 South Freeway.  Fort Worth, Texas.  76104.

Phone: 817 – 871 – 6538.

Comments: the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce has yet to receive any reviews from users.  This leaves future entrepreneurs without knowing whether information from this organization is reliable or not.  Fortunately, this chamber does offer information on the website that may be verifiable.  To illustrate, the chamber has information on where Fort Worth businesses may sponsor events.  By sponsoring events, business owners can quickly improve their brand recognition in the area.  Further, sponsored events allow the business owner opportunities for networking as well.

SCORE: Score Mentors Fort Worth.

Location: 1150 South Freeway unit 108.  Fort Worth, Texas.  76104.

Phone: 817 – 871 – 6002.

Comments: The Score Mentors Fort Worth segment of Score has received a 4.9-star rating from eight Google reviewers.  This indicates that previous users are satisfied with the information conveyed by the entity.  Besides, Fort Worth business owners may also visit their website to gain more information about services provided by the organization.  An important piece of information the business owner should explore would be the webinar opportunities provided on the website.  Webinar opportunities include business succession planning, understanding cash flows, and actionable generation.

Help Starting a Fort Worth, TX. Small Business.

City of Fort Worth Economic Development

Location: 1150 South Freeway, Suite 106.  Fort Worth, Texas.  76104.

Phone: 817 – 392 – 6021.

Comments: the city of Fort Worth's economic development center has a multitude of links that small business owners in the area may find helpful.  For example, the website contains information related to opportunities zones throughout the Fort Worth area.  Opportunities zones allow business owners to potentially defer or reduce capital gains taxes when investing money in these areas.  Our business plan writer has found that competitors in the manufacturing and warehousing industries often find this information beneficial.

Business Plan Writer Help for El Paso, TX.

Our business plan writer can help businesses in El Paso, TX., in several ways.

Common industries in El Paso, TX. Area.

Small business growth in the El Paso area has been above average based on research from our business plan writer.  Because of the explosion of small business growth in the area, the need for human resources and benefit administration companies has been growing at an above-average pace.  From this, our firm has compiled important statistics related to human resources and benefit administration companies on the US scale.  However, most of the information may apply to regional businesses in the El Paso area.  From this assessment, we can offer business owners potentially reliable information when writing a human resources and benefits administration business plan.

The human resources small business industry has reached about $60 billion in revenues in 2019.  The revenue growth over the last five years for the industry was about .5%.  In the next five years, our business plan writer projects the human resource industry to grow at a .7% growth rate.  In the El Paso area, we anticipate a slightly higher growth rate as compared to the national average.  Profits for the industry reached about $6.7 billion.  However, wage growth is a concern for the industry.  Last year, wages paid out were about $37 billion.  Industry experts project that about 300,000 businesses are competing in this industry.  The El Paso area may have a slightly smaller concentration as compared to the national average.

Local Business Plan Writing and Business Startup Help in El Paso, TX.

Chamber of commerce: El Paso Chamber

Location: 10 Civic St.  El Paso, Texas.  79901.

Phone: 915 – 534 – 0500.

Comments: the El Paso Chamber of Commerce has earned a 4.6-star rating from seven Google reviewers.  This indicates that services provided by the chamber may be reliable for future entrepreneurs.  Also, entrepreneurs in the El Paso area should check out their websites to gain insightful information about the area.  For example, the chamber has an interesting article related to building strong connections throughout the El Paso area.  This article includes important statistics about the area as well as strategies for building a successful business in this Metropolitan.

SCORE: Scores Mentor El Paso

Location: 6229 Bluff Trl., Lane.  El Paso, Texas.  79912.

Phone: 915 – 538 – 2489.

Comments: the Scores Mentor El Paso has earned a five out of five-star rating on Facebook from two Facebook users.  However, there have been no Google reviewers for the Score outlet.  On the website, though, business owners can find important pieces of information that may help them build a successful business in the area.  Our business plan writer recommends exploring veteran initiatives offered by the website as well as the SBA.  Veteran initiatives for the El Paso area may include mentoring assistance, self-employment opportunities, and workshops in person as well as online.

Need Help Starting an El Paso, TX. Small Business?

City of El Paso Economic Development.

Location: 500 E. San Antonio Rd.  El Paso, Texas.  79901.

Phone: 915 – 546 – 2000.

Comments: the city of El Paso has an economic development webpage that small business owners may utilize for writing a professionally prepared business plan.  Our business plan writer especially liked the information about demographics on the website.  For example, the El Paso website stated that individuals between 35 and 54 are the largest demographic in the area.  With this information, business owners can construct business strategies to best exploit this demographic.