Financial Model by Paul Borosky, MBA.


***Once purchased, send an email: letting me know which financial model you would like to have emailed.  Excel spreadsheets are usually emailed within an hour.  However, they make take up to 24 hours to send out.



Hey All, 

Thanks for purchasing the financial model used in the report.  Once purchased, you will be able to download the financial model I built, optimized, and used as a foundation for this report.  The financial model includes:

  • 52 weeks of stock prices, graphed, with an annual growth rate. Feel free to update the stock prices.
  • Dividend payments quarterly (if made) for last five years, with graph.
  • Summarized Income statement with year over year growth.
    • Each line item in the income state is individually graphed.
  • Summarized Balance Sheet with percent of total assets comparisons.
    • Each line item in the balance sheet is individually graphed.
  • Over 20 financial ratios with calculations!
    • Over 16 ratios individually graphed.
  •  WACC Calculations
  • Free cash flow calculations
  • 5-year Income statement projections.
  • 5 year Balance Sheet projections.
  • Stock Price Valuation.

Enjoy the financial model!



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