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Quality Business Consultant has a business plan writer ready to help entrepreneurs in the available Orlando, FL., Sanford, FL., Apopka, FL. Kissimmee, FL. and other areas.  Our business plan writer will conduct an initial meeting, do market research for your business, create your financial projections, and write up the business plan.  Further, our business plan writer may assist with common challenges faced by small business owners.  For example, some owners believe a SWOT analysis is a sufficient strategic practice that is an adequate substitute for a business plan. In other words, they believe that if they do a SWOT analysis, they do not need a business plan.  This cannot be further from the truth.

Granted, a SWOT analysis is an excellent starting point for understanding the internal and external aspects of the business.  However, that is about all the SWOT analysis will do.  There is no inherent plan of action, no thorough understanding of the workings of a company, and no financial projections included in the practice.  Because of the limited usage of the SWOT analysis, make sure to have a business plan to support the findings of the analysis.  By doing this, a business owner will be able to quickly gain a brief understanding of the internal an extra no environment.  Then with the business plan, the owner can gain more insight, in have proven process, through the business plan writing process.  Contact our business plan writer for help aligning the two strategic actions.

Benefits of using our Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writer

Our business plan writer, Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., has written hundreds of business plans for small businesses in the US. and around the globe.  Further, these experiences and his love of writing has led to several published books on Amazon, many focused on helping small business owners.  Let us use our business plan writing experiences for you!

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Easy Business Plan Writing Process

Our business plan writing process is simple and easy to use.  We first start with an initial meeting with our business plan writer.  In this meeting, we will discuss your business and gain insight as to how your business operates, or will operate.  Next, our business plan writer then conducts industry research and writes up your business plan.  Finally, we email you the business plan rough draft and go through the editing process.  In total, the business plan writing process takes about 6 to 8 days.

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Need writing done?  Our business writer help with more than just business plans, ghost writing, and resumes.  If you have a writing need, contact us today!

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Business Plan Writer Tip for Miami, FL.

An important business plan writing tip for business owners in the Miami Florida area would be in relations to a company’s value chain.  A value chain, based on research from our business plan writer, are all the components within a company’s operations that creates perceived value by the customer.  These components may include raw materials used for production, suppliers selling the raw materials, and distribution channels. Just keep in mind, not all industries have all of these components of the supply chain.  Case in point, most service industries will not have distribution channels or raw materials.  In place of these, our business plan writer has found that their value chain may consist of human knowledge or specific processes followed.  Regardless of a company’s value chain, a business owner should have a thorough understanding of it and have it documented in a well written business plan.

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