Our Business Plan Writing Process

Quality Business Plan follows a specific business plan writing process to ensure customers receive professionally prepared business plans, in the shortest time possible.

Step 1:  Contact Quality Business Plan

In our initial call, our business plan writer and business plan consultant will discuss your business, identify specific needs, and assess how we can best help your company.  Once an agreement is reached for business plan services and prices, we schedule an initial phone conversation to discuss your business.

Step 2: Review our Company Terms and Conditions

Before making any payments, please do the following:

  • Review our "Business Plan Videos" video.  This video walks you through how we write a business plan, examples of our writing and ideas of the different components of the business plan.
  • Review or Terms and Conditions.  Initial and final payment for a business plan or business consulting indicates that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Step 3:  Make Business Plan Deposit Payment

Make a payment for a business plan deposit.  To confirm our initial business plan phone meeting, a $100 deposit should be made.  This payment is part of the agreed-upon price, not an additional charge.

Step 4: Initial Business Plan Phone Meeting

In our initial phone meeting, our business plan writer's main objective is to gain insight into your business.  We will ask you 10,000,000,000,000 questions about your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and intentions for your business.  From this conversation, we will write the business plan from your perspective, including as much of the information discussed as possible.

Step 5: Pay Balance Due for Business Plan

Before our business plan writers or consultants start work on a business plan, we do ask for payment in full.  Our writers and consultants spend between 15 to 25 hours writing a plan.  It is only fair that they get paid for their work.

Step 6:  Review Business Plan

After our initial phone conversation, our business plan writers and business plan consultants get to work on researching your business industry, compile demographic information, and customizing spreadsheets for your financial statements.  Once we are done, our writers will email you a rough draft of the business plan.  Please take your time and review all the information.

Step 7:  Schedule Follow-up Meeting

After you have reviewed the rough draft of the business plan, contact us via text message, email, or phone call to schedule your follow-up meeting.

Step 8:  Follow-up and Business Plan Revision Meeting***

In the follow-up meeting, our business plan writers will review the rough draft of the business plan with you.  In this meeting, make sure to ask any questions that you may have related to your business plan.  Especially on the financials.  Our financial numbers are just a starting point.  Clients are responsible for financial projection estimates.

Step 9:  Completed Business Plan

After our follow-up meeting, our business plan writers and business plan consultants will make all edits requested by you.  Once this is complete, we then email the final business plan PDF to you.  On a final note, we do allow for up to 3 revisions within 30 days of us emailing the rough draft.

*** Business plan revision Includes: A business plan revision consists of correcting misspellings, ensuring the document is grammatically correct, and products, services, competitors, and industries are described accurately.  Finally, a correction may include updating financial information, such as sales projections.

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